Why Is the pH Value Important?

Why Is the pH Value Important?

Your Alkalizer Water Ionizer and disinfectant device transforms ordinary tap water into water that effectively counters (1) high levels of acidification in the body, technically called acidosis, (2) harmfully increased free radical activity, and (3) body dehydration, the three most likely causes of ailments, chronic diseases, and premature aging.

The main cause of high body acidification is what we eat and drink. Ideally, our diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

The redox potential of most drinks or meals we consume is substantially higher than the redox potential parameters of our bodies. The body spends a lot of energy to match the parameters of food and drink to the internal parameters of the body. If we eat and drink food that matches the redox potential of our blood, our life support and survival resources will be much higher.

In reality, however, it is usually the opposite. The high acidic foods include animal protein, cereals, dairy products, most beans, fats and oils, and even some fruits and vegetables.

High-acidic beverages include alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, most sports and energy drinks, reverse osmosis water (most of which are bottled waters and reverse osmosis waters), tea and coffee. As you can see, it is very difficult to constantly maintain an alkaline diet. 

When the body pH level drops (towards acidic), all the main body functions are negatively affected. High acid intake leads to the formation of excessively acidic waste. In order to protect the kidneys and liver (which are our main detoxification organs) from acid loading, our body stores excess acidic waste in fat cells.

In a constantly acidic indoor environment, these fat cells continue to accumulate, causing gradual and consistent weight gain. It is necessary that the blood remains very precisely at an alkaline pH of 7.4. We get into a coma and die if the pH of our blood falls below 7.0. The body removes minerals from the bones to maintain the pH level of our blood, which is the direct cause of osteoporosis. The high levels of acidity in the body impede the body’s ability to circulate blood and increase blood pressure.

 Alkaline water with antioxidants at pH 8.0–9.5, is particularly effective at neutralizing body acidity and assisting the body's recovery to its natural alkaline state. While illnesses can easily feed and flourish in an acidic environment, they are unable to fully exist in an alkaline environment.


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