Water with High Antioxidant Properties (pH 10 – 10.5)

Water with High Antioxidant Properties (pH 10 – 10.5)

Thanks to a high pH rating, you can wash your vegetables and fruits. In this way, you can ensure maximum purification not only from visible dirt but also from all pesticides. Pesticides are oil-based and high pH dissolves these oils. And you can also use this pH range to cook, to make tea and coffee. Your food and your tea and coffee will be taste much better.

This water can be drunk under doctor supervision to support medical treatments.

Wash vegetables and fruits with Strong Water to keep them fresh.

It is well known to everyone that any fruit or vegetable must be properly washed before consumption.

With the Alkalizer Water Treatment and Ionization System, you no longer need to keep your fruits and vegetables in carbonated water.

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