The Basic Principle of Operation of Alkalizer Technology

The Basic Principle of Operation of Alkalizer Technology

In order to obtain ionized drinking water and superoxidized disinfectant water, an ionizing device invented and patented by ALKALIZER is required.

In ALKALİZER innovation technology, the water taken from the mains water line transforms the molecules in the water into ions by giving an electric current during the transition period from the special diaphragm electrolysis reactor. A physicochemical reaction occurs by separating ions into cations and anions. As a result of this reaction, water molecules are restructured. Water is divided into cationic and anionic;

Cationic water – it is rich with hydrogen ions, cation minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium). The pH 7.5–11, redox ORP–50–600 mV potential makes it the most powerful antioxidant water in nature.

Anionic water - purifies chlorine, heavy metals, acidic minerals, and nitrates in the mains water, with the pH 2.5 - 4.5, redox ORP + 350 + 1000 mV potential, it has a super oxidized (hypochlorous acid) disinfectant water feature.

The only patented ALKALIZER ionizer in the world allows you to easily obtain water that is of this nature by connecting it directly to water supply at your home and workplace. The ALKALIZER system performs all operations automatically.

Water obtained using this technology has been approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO) for its many health benefits.

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