Starting Water (pH 7.5)

Starting Water (pH 7.5)

The very light alkaline structure is the ideal drinking water for your baby.  Alkaline ionized water is the right water for those who are just introduced to this water to start in the process of getting used to water.

When you give your baby water to drink or mix it with formula, it is very important that you use safe, clean water that has been properly treated and sterilized.

Most of the tap water will contain chlorine and fluoride, and may also contain volatile organic components and heavy metals.

What minerals is should contain

Water should be treated as a nutrient. The digestion of nutrients, the distribution of oxygen to the cells, all metabolic activities take place thanks to water. Water also promotes the excretion of poisons from the body and is the most important detoxification tool. Water contains many minerals. Minerals mediate many metabolic events in the body.

Starting Water for your child

Food and water are the most important sources of these minerals. Minerals are inorganic materials and must be taken from the outside, because they are not manufactured by the body. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, fluorine, iron, selenium, copper, zinc, and cobalt are some of these minerals. Especially the water that children will drink should be rich in these minerals, these minerals must be sufficiently concentrated in the water.

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