Redox Potential (ORP) and Free Radicals

Redox Potential (ORP) and Free Radicals


So, what is the redox potential (ORP)?

Redox (oxidoreduction) is a word obtained from the abbreviation of the words: reduction and oxidation. 

The ORP potential characterizes the reparative or oxidizing activity of any solution, or the ability of that solution to donate or accept electrons.                                           

Repairs and oxidizers are always found in a water solution.                             

Our bodies are 65 percent water.

All body fluids, blood, plasma and intracellular fluid, have its own redox potential: The redox potential of arterial blood is about -57 mV.

Venous blood has a redox potential of approx. - 70 mV.

In diseases, the redox potential of tissues and intercellular fluid change significantly. In the reproductive areas of malignant cells, the redox potential is further deteriorated and the + redox potential rises significantly.

- Cancer cells do not like the negative potential and cannot easily live in this environment. 

The Redox Potential in Our Lives

Since most foods and beverages are acidic, they have large positive values, averaging hundreds of millivolts. Such foods and beverages are "reluctant" to donate electrons. When they enter the body, they steal other electrons from our cells, form free radicals and the body oxidizes. When the body is oxidized, the excretion of toxic substances slows down. To get rid of them in the bloodstream, the body looks for suitable "storage places" and these are primarily connective and cartilage tissues. For this reason, cellulites and osteoarthritis (Calcification) occur. The toxins then cause arteriosclerosis to form in the arteries and veins. Oxidation of the body triggers mineral deficiency diseases: Osteoporosis, paradondust, hair loss. Oxidation of the body provokes the accumulation of salts: it leads to osteoarthritis, gout, arteriosclerosis. Our bodies continuously rely on alkali reserves to neutralize excess acid intake or formation. The most important of alkali reserves are minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium).  

With the help of the ALKALIZER, you will not only remove water from chlorine, hard salts, heavy metals, antibiotics and hormones, but you will also give it a negative redox potential! Water with a negative redox potential has a unique anti-cancer property. 


Doctors and scientists have been talking about freelance radicals lately. 

It is known that especially free radical oxidation leads to premature aging and the development of many age-related diseases, so antioxidants are recommended to reduce and slow down the destructive effects of aging.

Asthma, arthrosis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc. are among diseases that can be caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are molecular particles that lack one or more electrons and this makes them particularly active and "aggressive".

Free radicals seek out the surrounding molecules at any cost to restore deficient electrons and also destroy the structure of those molecules. Our organs and tissues are made up of these molecules.                 

Foods and drinks that have a positive ORP potential steal an electron of the cell and cause the formation of free radicals. Unmatched electrons are chemically unstable molecules; they disappear so quickly.

With this in mind, ALKALIZER antioxidant water with negative redox potential is an ideal antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals!         

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