Daily Drinking Water (pH 9 – 9.5)

Daily Drinking Water (pH 9 – 9.5)

It is the ideal water that you need for your daily consumption. It has high antioxidant properties with an ORP value of -500, -300 mV.


Daily drinking water can boost your energy as much as it helps your body maintain its ideal pH balance and create an anti-aging effect by providing exceptional cellular moisture.

Get back the energy you lost...

Helps to restore the electrolyte balance lost especially among amateur and professional athletes after exercise and training.

The sedative effect of this water for situations such as indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea is approved by the South Korean Health Ministry (KFDA). It is recommended that you consume 1/20 of your weight daily.

Enhances the natural flavor of the ingredients.

When preparing food, the balance of components is incredibly important and because water is an important component in many dishes, the type of water used can significantly affect the appearance, taste and nutrient content of a meal.

And family members will not even notice that you use less salt.

They taste better.

The type of water used during the cooking process has a great effect on taste. The minerals present in hard water may disrupt the flavor or cause discoloration of white rice.

Cooking with tap water can cause discoloration in vegetables and also affect the taste of vegetables.

It is also great for watering our green friends.

This water also replenishes plants. Its restructured high absorbency stimulates sprouting, helps the seeds to develop faster, and can also contribute to the growth of flowering.

It does not contain any pollution, bacteria or chlorine that can harm plants. In this context, it is a better choice than tap or any unfiltered water.

It improves the transfer of tea and coffee flavors to water.

When brewing an excellent cup of tea or coffee, there are only two ingredients: tea and water, or coffee and water. Therefore, it is not only about using the best tea and coffee but also using the best water.

You can make all your herbal teas and coffees with this water. Thanks to its easy absorption, you can feel the taste and aromas of your tea and coffee much better.

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