Applications of Alkalizer Disinfectant Water

Applications of Alkalizer Disinfectant Water

Super Oxidized Hypochlorous Disinfectant is produced with Alkalizer technology, the only one in the world. It is a unique and effective disinfectant of the new generation; it is completely harmless and reliable.

Super oxidized (hypochlorous acid) disinfectant, powerful broad-spectrum, instantly destroys microbes such as bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19 and its derivatives), fungi. It is recommended for use in disinfection and sterilization.

It has been approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization because it has many benefits and does not contain toxins.


    • In daily life (cleaning of surfaces, disinfection of fruits, vegetables, meat and other food products),
    • Prevention of mold formation and destruction,
    • In all kinds of disinfection and sterilization of children's toys, feeding bottles, children's rooms and their belongings, items that are exposed to continuous use such as toothbrushes,
    • For washing clothes (100 ml/1 liter of washing water),
    • In descaling,
    • In the sterilization of canning jars and lids,
    • For the elimination of unpleasant odors from clothes and shoes,
    • In the treatment of wounds and burns,
    • In the fight against throat and nose gargle, nail fungus,
    • For air humidification disinfection (fog, irrigation),
    • For the wet cleaning of room surfaces,
    • In the disinfection of the soil of indoor plants,
  • In the cleaning of all kinds of objects used by pets. It can be used safely for all the purposes listed above.
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