Antioxidant Index

Antioxidant Index

Antioxidant ionized water has a negative ORP. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, cleanses toxins from the cells, regulates body temperature, and also contributes to the retention of calcium in joints and bones.

The general health effect of the constant use of antioxidant alkaline water is considered by scientists in terms of its effect on oxidative processes that lead to various diseases, aging, and mutations. Antioxidant alkaline water is an ideal absorbent of active oxygen, one of the strong damaging factors for our living cells.



It is well known that free radical oxidation leads to the development of many age-related diseases, particularly premature old age. Antioxidants are therefore recommended to reduce and slow the destructive effects of aging.



Antioxidants are nutrients that can neutralize the effect of free radicals in the body and protect health. In order to maintain well-being, stay energetic and prolong youth, it is very important to maintain a balance between oxidation reactions and the amounts of antioxidants. Many fruits, vegetables, nuts and green tea are sources for antioxidants.  Regular use of such products can reduce the negative effects of free radicals and support health. Antioxidant ionized water boasts superior antioxidant properties. Drinking it daily will improve your life.


Ionized Water with antioxidants has the properties of rare natural sources. No wonder this type of water has long been used for therapeutic and preventive purposes in various health resorts and sanatoriums, known to the whole world: France - Lourdes, Mexico - Tlakota, Germany - Nordenau, India - Delhi, Mount Roraim in South America, Hunza Valley on the border of India and Pakistan...

To drink alkaline water on a regular basis it is not necessary to go to a facility or to make a purchase from stores and pharmacies. You can prepare this kind of water yourself with the Alkalizer ionizier at home

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