You are not sick. You are Oxidized.

You are not sick. You are Oxidized.

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Today, doctors in Germany are increasingly emphasizing, "You are not sick - you are oxidized." Why do we become oxidized? Almost 80% of the foods we eat are acid-forming foods. And it has nothing to do with how they taste. When they are split throughout the body, they produce more acid than alkali(s).
The pH of a product is determined by its acidity or alkalinity.

  • Alkalis have a pH greater than 7.
  • Acids have a pH lower than 7.
  • Neutral substances have a pH of 7.

Beef, pork, lamb and chicken, sausage, white flour products, sugar, coffee, black tea, all alcoholic beverages, pasteurized juices, fish and seafood, cottage cheese, cheese, nuts and seeds, cereals, bread, scones and cakes, ice cream, eggs, lemonade are all acid-forming food products.

What about alkaline-forming foods? Fruits (excluding canned), vegetables, greens, natural yogurt, milk, soy, and potatoes are among the few.

What about the beverages we drink? What beverages dominate our diet: acidic or alkaline?

pH comparison of beverages 

%5 Vinegar  2,64
Carbonated beverages  3,36
Orange juice with high vitamin C  4,0
Beer  4,3
Tomato juice  5,3
Granulated coffee, classic  5,5
Mineral water  5,58
Black Tea  6,1
Green Tea  6,3
Ionized alkaline water  7'den 12'ye

Remember that most of the fluids we consume on a regular basis, such as fruit juices, mineral water, cola, and coffee, have a negative pH. However, our blood is alkaline!

The pH limits are extremely precisely set for this purpose: blood pH variances of 7.35-7.45-7.3 and higher result in death.

If a person consumes acidic foods and drinks on a regular basis, he must continually seek alkaline reserves to keep the pH of the blood alkaline. When these reserves are spent, the individual becomes ill.
As a result, it is critical that drinking water have an alkaline pH. According to western scientists, drinking 2-3 glasses of alkaline pH ionized water each day will neutralize the effect of acid-forming foods.

Taking age and alkaline acid balance into account, the following pH is advised for daily ionized water consumption:

  • For children under the age of 12 pH must be between 7.5 and 8
  • For adults in good health pH must be between 8 and 8.5
  • For chronic diseases pH must be between 8.5 - 9.5

An antioxidant is a substance that has been saturated with electrons and is ready to donate them.

Special devices (redox testing devices) are used to measure ORP in millivolts. Water with large positive values in the hundreds of MV range is "reluctant" to give electrons, but it also takes up the other electrons when enters the body.

The oxidation of the body causes salt deposition, which leads to osteoarthritis, gout, and arteriosclerosis.

Toxic chemicals are excreted more slowly when the body is oxidized. The body is looking for suitable "storage locations" to get rid of them in the bloodstream. This is predominantly connective and cartilage tissue, so there are cellulites and osteoarthritis, and pollutants enter essential organs-blood vessels when arteriosclerosis occurs in the arteries and veins.

The oxidation of the body causes mineral deficiency disorders such as osteoporosis and paradontosis, which cause hair loss.

When there is an excess of acids in the body, the body has a constant need for alkaline reserves to neutralize them. When there is an excess of acids in the body, the body has a constant need for alkaline reserves to neutralize them.

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