Why Should You Drink More Alkaline Water in the Summer?

Why Should You Drink More Alkaline Water in the Summer?

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Drink Plenty of Water in Summer: But How Much?

"How many liters of water should we drink in the summer?" since many different elements, such as effort, health status, and clothes, influence the amount of perspiration. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. According to the study, an adult female should drink 2.7 liters of water per day and a male 3.7 liters. However, since the body loses more water through perspiration in the summer, it is important to boost regular water consumption. Therefore, instead of sticking to a specific amount throughout the warm months, drink alkaline water at regular intervals without waiting for a thirsty feeling. However, it is also important to remember that you should not drink too much alkaline water at once.

Why You Need to Drink More Water During the Summer?

Sweating's most significant function is to reduce body temperature and provide cooling. In other words, sweating is the body's attempt to maintain its natural balance. Sweating, on the other hand, may be insufficient to lower the body's internal temperature if you do not drink enough water. However, by drinking enough of water, you can restore regular perspiration and so maintain an ideal body temperature. In the meanwhile, you should avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, which can lead you to urinate more and lose more weight.

Drinking water before exerting physical effort can assist your body balance in hot temperatures. During your activities, however, you should drink water slowly so that your urine output does not increase. Exercising in the heat without drinking enough water causes the body temperature to rise too high, the amount of blood sent by the heart to each beat to drop, blood pressure and blood flow to the muscles to decrease. As a result, it is critical that you pay closer attention to water consumption, especially if you participate in activities during the summer months.

Have You Consumed Enough Alkaline Water? How Can You Tell If You're Dehydrated?

If you drink less water in the summer than you excrete, your body tries to explain why. The signs of thirst in the body are as follows:

  • Dry mouth,
  • State of sleep,
  • Thirst,
  • Decrease in urine production,
  • Darkening of urine color,
  • Decrease in tears,
  • Dryness of the skin,
  • Headache,
  • Confusion,
  • Dizziness10, 11,

So, what's the solution? Using a water purifier is the best approach to avoid both hazardous elements in the water and the possibility of pet water bottles being released into the water! These devices filter out dangerous substances in the water, ensuring that the water flowing from your tap is clean.

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