So, what is the redox potential?

So, what is the redox potential?

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The redox potential of a solution characterizes the activity of its restorers or oxidizers, as well as its ability to donate or take electrons.

Restorers and oxidizers are always in a solution of water.

The human body is merely a complicated, living, yet still brilliant example of a water solution.

Our bodies are 65% water; the brain is 85% water, the vitreous body of the eye is 99% water, blood is 83% water, adipose tissue is 29% water, and bones are 22% water.

All bodily fluids, including blood, plasma, and intercellular fluid, have a distinct redox potential. The redox potential of arterial blood is around -57 mV.

The redox potential of venous blood is around -7 mV.

The redox potential of tissues and intercellular fluid changes dramatically throughout disease; an even more severe deterioration of the redox potential is observed in malignant cell breeding zones, where the redox potential rises significantly (+). Cancer cells dislike negative potential and cannot thrive in this environment.

With ALKALIZER-D, you may not only purify the water of chlorine, hard salts, heavy metals, antibiotics, and hormones, but also give it a negative redox potential! Water with negative redox potential has unique anti-cancer properties.

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