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EcolyTech Hypochlorous Acid Generator

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100% Natural Broad Spectrum Hypochlorous Acid Production Device
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In our machines with ECPA Technology, the water mineralized with salt given to the anode and cathode chambers of the electrolysis reactor becomes metastable with unipolar electricity from cathode and anode; On the other hand, two different compounds are formed in the chambers divided by the anode and cathode diaphragm.

A composition of oxidants is formed in the positively charged anode section; and a strong oxidant solution called anolyte, consisting of hypochlorous acid, peroxide anion, super oxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and a monoatomic oxygen, is taken. In the negatively charged cathode section, sodium hydroxide solution called catholyte is taken; which is a solution with the properties of natural detergent and degreaser.

Hypochlorous acid has a much more bactericidal effect than the hypochlorite ion. However, alkaline solutions of sodium and calcium hypochlorite, which contain small amounts of hypochlorous acid and large amounts of hypochlorite ions, are bactericidal.

In all mammals, HOCl is naturally produced by white blood cells to fight against bacteria and viruses, and to protect and heal the body.

HOCl is a powerful oxidant which is effective against invading bacteria, fungi and viruses. In the 1970s, the first HOCl was produced by running electricity through a saline solution. HOCl is the only disinfectant that can be used by livings, which is effective against pathogens such as Tuberculosis, Legionella, H1N1 (swine flu), M. Chelonea, Poliovirus, HIV, Aureus, E. Coli, Candida Albicans, Enterococcus Faecalis, P. Aeruginosa, including the CORONA VIRUS. That is because HOCL is the most effective substance produced by the human body defense system against bacteria and viruses and against pathogenic microorganisms in nature.

 Neutral anolyte output capacity

40 liter / hour

 Salt consumption / 1 liter of anolyte

 2-4 gr

 Water inlet / Pressure

1.5 – 2.5 Bar 

 Water inlet temperature

 25 - 35 C °

 Electrical Input Power

 220 v, 50-60 kHz

 Active chlorine content

 500 ppm

 Anolyte pH

 3.5 – 7.2

 Catholyte output


 Electricity consumption

 600 watts *

 Control display


Generally YGD

55 * 50 * 16 cm



Warranty Period

24 months



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