Doctors' Opinions

Doctors' Opinions

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Ray Kurzweil, M.D. (writer and inventor; has received 12 honorary doctorates and an honorary award from 3 United States presidents) "The most essential attribute of alkaline water produced by alkaline ionizers is the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). Free radicals can be neutralized by water with a high negative ORP value."

Henri Coanda, M.D. (Romanian, at the age of 78 was awarded the Nobel Prize, the father of fluid dynamics) Dr. Coanda conducted local analyses to find what is in Hunza water (Hunza is located in the Himalayas, and people there live for up to 120-140 years.), which has been shown to be good to the body. In their efforts to reproduce Hunza water, Japanese scientists discovered that they could utilize electricity to reconstruct water and produce water with qualities comparable to Hunza water.

Sherry Rogers, M.D. (Doctor of medicine; writer; instructor) "Alkaline (ionized) water neutralizes the acidity of the body... After carefully reviewing the results of hundreds of my recommendations, I have concluded that the fundamental cause of degenerative diseases is a toxin in the form of acidic waste." Susan Lark M.D. (Instructor; Author of 'The Chemistry of Success') "Drinking 4 to 6 glasses of alkaline (ionized) water each day will neutralize excess acid and gradually enhance your buffering abilities. Alkaline (ionized) water, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene, works as an antioxidant by providing extra electrons.  This protects the body from heart disease, strokes, immune system weakness, and the development of other common symptoms."

Helmut G. Flasch, M.D. (Doctor of medicine) "The water you drink should provide all of the nutrients you require while also scavenging free radicals. Your stomach and urea should be the only acidic places in your body! Maintain an alkaline, rather than an acidic, state in your body. Many scientists believe that having an alkaline (ionized) body is necessary. Every route of life pass through reaching the alkaline (ionized) body."

Keiichi Morishita, M.D. Ph.D. (Author of The Hidden Truth of Cancer) "If the blood grows more acidic, the excess acid must be stored somewhere in the body. If this healthy state continues for many years, the acid in these places will continue to rise, and the cells will begin to die.  Cells that survive in the damaged area develop abnormalities, which are referred to as malignant.  Malignant cells are unable to respond to brain commands.  They start to splinter out of control.  This is the start of cancer."

Harald Tietze (Author of 'Youthing') "By drinking alkaline (ionized) water, the aging process can be reversed and waste decreased in the long run just as much as in younger people. It has the ability to stimulate organ functions."

Ingfreid Hobert, M.D. "You don't need expensive medicines with negative side effects to restore your health... (ionized) water has profound long-term effects since it acts as an excellent antioxidant in the body."

Robert O. Young Ph.D., N.D. (Author of 'The pH Miracle') "Those who are rewarded with perpetual health secrets will look at the world with healthy eyes.  We can heal ourselves by altering our body's interior environment.  Potential intruders will be unable to thrive and do harm anywhere.  Water with a high pH neutralizes acids throughout the body and also ionizes well. Since acid is the cause of all diseases, nothing could be more important than neutralizing these acids. One of my favorite metaphors: when the fish gets sick, change its water. Do not give any medication to this fish. Give the fish clean water. When our cells become sick, we must replace the water and fluids that wash our cells and tissues. I can't think of a greater investment for a person or family than water ionizers."

Hidemitsu Hayashi M.D. (Heart Surgeon; Director of the Water Institute of Japan) "The best source of antioxidants is ionized water. There is no substitute for a well-balanced and nutritious diet, particularly one high in antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other beneficial nutrients. However, these nutrients are not the finest providers of free electrons to prevent active oxygen from oxidizing healthy tissues. The safest way to eliminate free radicals that prevent normal tissue oxidation is to treat water with electrolysis, which increases its reducing potential. We believe that low molecular weight reduced water, which has a large number of free electrons that can complete the missing electron of active oxygens, is far superior to antioxidants or vitamin supplements found in other foods. In Japan, alkaline living water is increasingly suggested as the best drinking water by healthcare specialists and is acknowledged as a medical device for the treatment of degenerative disorders.

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