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Alkalizer Ionizing Under Sink Device

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Under counter Alkaline Water Ionizer Set with Electrolysis Cell - Double Filter System
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ALKALIZER works with cold mains water; allows you to get 60-65 liters of drinking alkaline water with antioxidants and 5-7 liters of natural hypochlorous disinfectant per hour.

In the ALKALIZER device, the catalytic and electrokinetic filter assists the electrolysis module and provides the highest quality of antioxidant water.

ALKALIZER is an electro-activation module, of which its main part is a special diaphragm; oxidation reactions occur on the anode electrode and a reparative reaction occurs on the cathode electrode. There are auxiliary catalytic and electro-kinetic filters in the system. Automatic program option, stylish and modern design are the other features of the system.

In the electrolysis anode chamber, oxidation reaction occurs; the harmful organic compounds are destroyed as well as the microbes and microbial toxins. Phagocytosis, a similar antimicrobial protection process in the nature, occurs in all living organisms for millions of years.

In the cathode chamber, reparative reactions occur and the beneficial antioxidant properties of water (such as the oxidation of the body and restorative potential) are restored. During phase transitions, certain processes similar to the happenings of nature occur, such as spring water contacting mountain rocks, and the melting of glaciers.  

The auxiliary catalytic filter consists of high-quality coal; it serves to clean the water from oxidized organic and chlorine organic compounds (and including the herbicides, pesticides, Phenol, Antibiotic, Antidepressants, Hormone).

The auxiliary electrokinetic filter, consisting of the purest natural mountain quartz, serves to clean water from mechanical formations, heavy metals, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.


Useful Information

The cleaning and electrical treatment of water in the anode and cathode chambers is extremely efficient and safe. The water treatment processes are the same as nature; only they are accelerated by tens of thousands of times with the use of the latest technologies and electrochemical modules.

Catalytic and electrokinetic filters work cleanly. The filters are found after the electrolysis anode outlet; No microbes and biofilms are formed on the filters, which greatly extends their life.

ALKALIZER, with its latest technology, allows you to obtain clean and useful antioxidant water and harmless hypochlorous disinfectant!

Electrolysis cell     


 Tube, flow


 Platinum coated pure titanium (Patented special Alkalizer design)


 Zirconium mixed ceramic (Patented special Alkalizer design)

Antioxidant – alkaline Water exit

Oxidation resistance

 (ORP) approx. -700 mV (Depending on inlet water quality and the flow rate)


 7.5 – 10.5

           Recipe for using antioxidant-alkaline water and number of programs                

Program, drinking water

 Program 1 - For beginners and children (pH 7.5)

 Program 2 - Daily drinking water (pH 8.0 – 9.0)

 Program 3 - Daily drinking water for medical and therapeutic purposes (pH 9.0 – 9.5)

 Program 4 - Used for cooking – Pi water class 5 (pH 10.0 – 10.5). When prescribed by doctor; Soak in, wash vegetables to remove bitter taste, fry the vegetables.

Filtered-only water

 Clean filtered water, pH 7.0 for taking medicine, baby food and cooking. It is used to drink after eating.

Acidic hypochlorous disinfectant

(from mains water)

 It has a pH value of 3.5: bacteriolysis of cutting boards, washing fruits, vegetables, meat and fish; skin care (as mouthwash for throat-tooth infection, and for acne and fungus), hand sanitizer, disinfection of children's toys and surfaces (ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DRINK)

Water Capacity

Antioxidant - alkaline water 55 – 60 liters per hour

Hypochlorous disinfectant 5 -7 liters per hour

Water inlet

General standard

General standard Tap water supply (mains tap water in accordance with the standards 2.5 -4 Atu pressure). For well water, special pre-treatment and pump systems are also required.


Number of Filters


Filter life

 10.000 liter / 12 months

Operation mode




 Touch-operated button


 Voice prompt


Turkish/ English

Backwash / descaling the electrolysis cell


Automatic/ manual

Every 3 hours/ 210 liters; the device automatically operates for 3 minutes by changing the polarity in the electrolysis cell. Afterwards, it automatically returns to the alkaline program and it stays on that mode. (Do not drink water during the backwash process).

Design and weight

Case material

High quality plastic. width 38 x height 40 x depth 10 cm.


Faucet (above the sink) OLED-screen, touch-button controller, modern faucet that adds elegance to the private kitchen.


 5,5 kg

Electric power

Electric supply

 220 – 230V; 50 – 60 Hz


 150W – 200W (Maximum power when forming electrolyte water)

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